The Introduction of Mobile Banking in MozambiqueHousing Markets and Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa
Management Development Institute for Health Care Organizations
Research Project:
An impact evaluation of the Fundo de Apoio Social (Social Support Fund) of the Government of Angola
Research Project:
The Role of Technology, Financial Resources and Business Skills in Microenterprise Development in Mozambique
The Introduction of Mobile Banking in Mozambique
Globalization and Development
Research Project:
Farmer Participatory Experimentation in Mozambique
NOVAFRICA Conference:
Extending the Adoption of Financial Services in Mozambique: Innovation and Challenges
Housing Markets and Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa
Research Projects
Agricultural intervention: the impact on livelihoods and social capital of subsistence farmers in Guinea-Bissau

NOVAFRICA is a knowledge center created by the Nova School of Business and Economics of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2011. Its mission is to produce expertise with an impact on business and economic development in Africa. A particular focus is on Portuguese-speaking Africa, i.e., Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and Sao Tome and Principe.
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External Members

With a diversity of backgrounds and areas of expertise, the NOVAFRICA external members are the network of researchers outside of Nova SBE who collaborate in the implementation of NOVAFRICA’s activities.

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Research Seminars

Under the theme “Economic Development in Africa”, with particular emphasis on Portuguese-speaking countries, the NOVAFRICA@Nova SBE seminar series hosts a variety of international speakers.

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Research Projects