NOVAFRICA Seminar: “Regional Migration, Insurance and Economic Shocks: Evidence from Nicaragua”

Next Friday, March 13th, at 11.30am, the NOVAFRICA Center welcomes Teresa Molina Millán, from the Paris School of Economics to present her work about internal migration, and co-insurance motives. Authors: Teresa Molina Millán Abstract: In developing countries, the large majority of migrants move inside their own countries or to neighboring regions, yet there is limited evidence on whether internal migrants represent... Read More

“Homogeneous teams and productivity – Experimental Evidence from Kenya”

Next Wednesday, March 11th, at 2pm, the NOVAFRICA Center welcomes Vincent Pons, from Harvard University to present his work about team composition, ethnic homogeneity and team productivity. Authors: Benjamin Marx, Vincent Pons and Tavneet Suri. Abstract: We present findings from a randomized experiment manipulating the composition of teams in a Kenyan organization. Staff members in a canvassing exercise... Read More

“Using Preference Parameter Estimates to Tailor Incentives: Evidence from Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan”

Last Wednesday, February 18th, the NOVAFRICA Center welcomed Michael Callen, from the Harvard Kennedy School who presented his work on how to optimize public sector wage contracts in Pakistan. The research project, funded by the IGC, proposes a set of technological and incentive contract innovations aimed at making vaccination efforts more cost-effective. Eliminating polio in Pakistan is a central global public health... Read More

NOVAFRICA Lecture: Professor Sir Paul Collier on “Effective Organizations – Why they are Scarce in Africa and What Can be Done About It”

On 9th of January, NOVAFRICA kickstarted the new year with a lecture by a prestigious guest – Sir Paul Collier – Professor at Oxford University and Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies, who recently received a knighthood for services to promoting research and policy change in Africa. Paul Collier, who is an Advisory board... Read More

NOVAFRICA News in ‘El Pais’

Godfrey Madigu, Research Assistant at the Instituto Cultura y Sociedad de la Universidad de Navarra, wrote about his experience as a field research assistant this summer at NOVAFRICA and the work of the Center in Mozambique in the spanish newspaper ‘El Pais’. More about the research project on the role of technology, financial resources and... Read More

NOVAFRICA Seminar: “Competition and Relational Contracts: Evidence from Rwanda’s Coffee Mills”

Next Wednesday, November 5th, at 2pm, the NOVAFRICA Center welcomes Ameet Morjaria, from Harvard University to present his work about competition and relational Contracts. Authors: Rocco Macchiavello and Ameet Morjaria. Abstract: We study the effects of competition in the procurement of raw materials on relational contracts (RC) using Rwanda’s coffee sector as a case study.... Read More