NOVAFRICA Seminar: “Eliciting Temptation and Self-control Through Menu Choices: A Lab Experiment”

On Monday, October 16th, at 2.30pm, the NOVAFRICA Center welcomes Severine Toussaert, from London School of Economics, to present her work. Authors: Severine Toussaert (London School of Economics) Abstract: Unlike present-biased individuals, agents who suffer self-control costs as in Gul and Pesendorfer (2001) may choose to restrict their choice set even when they expect to resist temptation.... Read More

Migration as a wheel for change

Migration is ultimately an individual decision, with most gains and losses accruing directly to the individual migrant. Ideally the freedom to move to wherever one feels better equipped to provide a living for herself and her family should be taken as an absolute value. But there are of course practical considerations when hosting immigrants, particularly... Read More

My 2017 NOVAFRICA Internship in Cabo Delgado

The procedure could be compared to eating a 5 course menu at a multi-cultural cuisine and evaluating the exotic tastes without knowing anything about where the ingredients are coming from. Good chefs like to taste their ingredients personally before they cook with them. Having said this, working on the ground in Mozambique as a research field intern... Read More

VCW’17 Conference | October 9

NOVAFRICA endorses the “Innovation and Science for Social Impact” Conference organized by VCW on October 9, 2017. This conference will focus on projects and institutions working on innovation and science for social impact. Topics related to Teaching and Cooperation, Entrepreneurship, Organization and Funding of Social Projects will be discussed. This conference promises to be an excellent... Read More

NOVAFRICA Working Paper:
“Improving Access to Savings through Mobile Money: Experimental Evidence from Smallholder Farmers in Mozambique”

A new working paper has been added to the NOVAFRICA Working Paper Series. Written by Cátia Batista and Pedro Vicente this paper analyzes the access to savings through Mobile Money. Title: Improving Access to Savings through Mobile Money: Experimental Evidence from Smallholder Farmers in Mozambique Authors: Catia Batista and Pedro Vicente Abstract: Investment in improved agricultural inputs... Read More

Improving Access to Savings through Mobile Money: Experimental Evidence from Smallholder Farmers in Mozambique

ISSN 2183-0843 Working Paper No 1705 August 2017 Abstract Investment in improved agricultural inputs is infrequent for smallholder farmers in Africa. One barrier may be limited access to formal savings. We designed and conducted a field experiment in rural Mozambique that randomized access to a savings account through mobile money to a sample of smallholder... Read More

Workshop on Globalization and Development

On June 9, 2017, NOVAFRICA, the World Bank and Banco de Portugal organized an all-day workshop in Salão Nobre, at Nova SBE. The Workshop was under the theme “Globalization and Development”, with the participation of renowned economics scholars such as Beata Javorcik, from Oxford University, Daron Acemoglu, from MIT, or Eric Verhoogen, from Columbia University.... Read More

Economia Viva 2017 – Paths to African development

“Which way for African development?” was the name of the session of Economia Viva 2017 organized by the Nova Economics Club, the Nova Students’ Union, and the NOVAFRICA knowledge center. The session was moderated by Ana Paula Gomes and the panel of speakers was composed of Maria Hermínia Cabral, Miguel Silvestre, Paula Barros, Patrícia Maridalho... Read More