Notícias NOVAFRICA: Novo artigo publicado no Journal of Public Economics

Measuring Corruption in the Field Using Behavioral Games” é o artigo recentemente publicado no Journal of Public Economics pelos Professores do NOVAFRICA, Nova SBE, Armand Alex e Pedro Vicente, e pelos membro externos do NOVAFRICA Alex Coutts da Schulich School of Business e Inês Vilela da Royal Holloway, Universidade de Londres.

Corruption is often harmful for economic development, yet it is difficult to measure due to its illicit nature. We propose a novel corruption game to characterize the interaction between actual political leaders and citizens, and implement it in Northern Mozambique. Contrary to the game-theoretic prediction, both leaders and citizens engage in corruption. Importantly, corruption in the game is correlated with real-world corruption by leaders: citizens send bribes to leaders whom we observe appropriating community money. In corrupt behavior, we identify an important trust dimension captured by a standard trust game.

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