NOVAFRICA Conference on Financial Development in Mozambique – Innovation and Challenges

Financial Development_Moz.001

On the 8th of July, NOVAFRICA, in partnership with the Central Bank of Mozambique and the International Growth Center, will hold a conference on innovations and challenges concerning financial development in Mozambique.

The conference, in which renowned researchers from the United States and Portugal will participate, will report upon current initiatives and research projects that evaluate the impact of introducing mobile money on the local development of rural areas and on microenterprise development in the greater Maputo area.

The event’s main objective is to disseminate the results that have been obtained in these various research projects, and to promote the discussion of the role of novel financial services to improve the living conditions of farmers, microentrepreneurs and of the rural population in Mozambique. In this way, the findings obtained through rigorous research are sought to be made applicable to the daily needs of Mozambican families and micro-entrepreneurs, and to ultimately contribute towards economic development.


Please find more information about the conference, its participants and program here.