NOVAFRICA News: 2019 in review


Using economics to contribute to a better world has been NOVAFRICA’s mission. 2019 was a powerful year for our knowledge center with important impact evaluations active in sub-Saharan Africa but also, for the first time, in Portugal with a project about integration of Cape Verdean immigrants. We also kept on producing academic publications of relevance to the development process in Africa.

The NOVAFRICA Conference on Economic Development in Africa was another memorable moment of our knowledge center in 2019.Dozens of speakers, hundreds of participants discussed for three days ideas for sustainable development in Africa! In the final stretch of the year see the main moments of the conference that took place in June at Nova SBE.

Last but not least, we must highlight the Nobel Prize of Economics as a top moment of 2019. We were proud of the distinction of Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer for the new experimental development economics approach, which generates evidence to inform public policies that fight against poverty and for sustainable development. This line of research is the main axis of work in our NOVAFRICA center since its creation in 2011 and we therefore celebrate this recognition.