NOVAFRICA News: Vaccine acceptance is higher in low-and middle- income countries

A new study published in Nature Medicine reveals that COVID-19 vaccine acceptance is higher in low- and middle-income countries than in richer countries.

A global study by researchers from NOVAFRICA, International Growth Centre, Innovations for Poverty Action, Yale Institute for Global Health, & 20+ institutions.

The results suggest prioritising vaccine distribution to low- and middle-income countries should yield high returns in promoting global immunisation coverage, and that vaccination campaigns in these countries should focus on translating acceptance into uptake.

Pedro Vicente, scientific director of NOVAFRICA, as well as co-author of this study said that “As Covid-19 vaccine batches arrive in developing countries, the next few months will be critical for governments and international organizations to design the most effective communication strategies to maximize population uptake of vaccines. Governments should use evidence like the one in this study to inform their decisions”.

The NOVAFRICA researchers involved in this study are Pedro Vicente, Alex Armand, Mattia Fracchia, Alberto Mucauque, Imamo Mussa and Ismail Rendrá.


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