NOVAFRICA Podcast: Using Role Models to Inspire Marginalized Groups: A Cautionary Tale

Listen to episode 5 of the 6th season of the NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks with Gaia Narciso from Trinity College Dublin, focuses on her paper entitled “Using Role Models to Inspire Marginalized Groups: A Cautionary Tale”.

What are the effects of diversity in Vietnam? How has behavioral change encouraged the relatable effects of role models intervention on information and its impact on income, business activities and commercial agriculture? What are the main challenges to the validity of the experimental design? How do households face negative shocks and what components of households need to be taken into consideration? How do the cautionary tale shape policy implications in Vietnam and at international level? How can further research effectively explore development policies targeting vulnerable groups in remote communities?

This episode answers to all of these questions.

Listen to the Episode 5 here.

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