Seminário NOVAFRICA:
“Girls’ Schooling Choices and Home Production: Evidence from Pakistan”

Na quarta-feira, dia 25 de Novembro, pelas 14:30, o Centro NOVAFRICA convida Hugo Reis, do Banco de Portugal a apresentar o seu trabalho.

Hugo Reis

The paper develops and estimates a dynamic structural model that allows for the interrelations between girls’ schooling and mothers’ labour market participation decision, in a rural area of Pakistan where drop-out rates are considerably high. The model incorporates home production, which is critical for understanding the behaviour of mothers when deciding girls’ schooling. Results suggest that monetary incentives are a good mechanism to increase girls’ school enrollment, but not the most cost effective. The impact of the conditional cash transfer program on secondary school enrollment rate was only one third of the impact of the school building program. Regarding welfare, the difference between schemes is smaller. Results highlight also the effectiveness of the role of conditionality.