NOVAFRICA Student Group

The NOVAFRICA Student Group is a bridge between the NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center and students of Nova SBE. A passion for development topics is what unites us.The Group promotes and supports the Center’s events and projects, while having its own activities. During Pizza&Topic Sessions we discuss development economics topics that interest us. NSG Mentorship Program helps our students to understand better which academic and professional path they want to undertake. We engage as well in the NOVAFRICA Podcast and NOVAFRICA Blog, which are our tools to talk to other students and general audience about critical topics in development economics.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us via email.

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Sara Albuquerque

Sara Albuquerque is currently a Master’s in Economics student at Nova SBE. She holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from the same institution. While doing her Bachelor’s Sara got interested in Development Economics and is now deepening her knowledge in this field.

Ana Raquel Bilro

Ana is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics at NOVA SBE in the first cohort. With this Master she aims to pursue her interests, such as data for social good and development economics. This student usually spends her extracurricular time working in projects that have a social impact, thus having developing skills such as leadership.

Til Dietrich

Til is a student of the Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE. He graduated with a BSc in Economics and Business Economics from Maastricht University, part of which was an exchange semester in Chile. Til is mainly focused on environmental economics, with a strong concern for social equity in the transition towards a more sustainable society. His firm belief, that debate among students from different social and scientific backgrounds is an essential part of studying, paired with his interest for behavioral and development economics made him join the NOVAFRICA Student Group.

Andrej Meyer

Andrej is currently conducting his Master’s degree in Economics at Nova SBE. Before this he graduated from Maastricht University in International Business. Since joining the MSc Economics and the NOVAFRICA Student Group, he developed a strong interest in Development Economics.

Isabel Roque

Isabel is currently doing a Bachelor’s in Economics at Nova SBE. She joined the NOVAFRICA Student Group at the beginning of her second year being one of the youngest members of the club. Inspired by stories she used to hear from her family living in Africa, she decided to join the Group and gained a strong interest in development economics, and now she is considering taking a Master’s degree related to this topic.

Marlene Thomas

Marlene did her Bachelor’s in Economics, Markets and Institutions at the University of Bologna. Afterwards she started her Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE with the aim to broaden her knowledge of applied economics. That’s how she came in contact with the work of the NOVAFRICA Student Group.

Francisca Araújo

Francisca is a student of the Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics also from Nova SBE. She has a strong interest in development economics, in particular for macroeconomics reasoning for economic imbalances.

Lara Bohnet

Lara is an MSc in Economics student at Nova SBE, focusing on Public Policy and Development Economics. During her Bachelor’s degree at Maastricht University, she spent a semester abroad in Santiago de Chile. Living there, she developed an interest in topics related to inequality and poverty. To further pursue this interest, she decided to join the NOVAFRICA Student Group upon the start of her studies in Lisbon.

Anastasiya Levina

Anastasiya is currently taking a Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE. She has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management from Lisbon School of Economics and Management. Her main fields of interest are development economics and international migration, with a particular focus on how digital technologies are impacting developing countries and the consequences of migration in the host countries.

Rita Moreira

Rita holds a BSc from ISEG School of Economics and Management and a MSc from Nova SBE, both in Economics. She has focused her Master’s studies in the Development and Trade expertise. She became interested in NOVAFRICA through the research seminars and later joined the NOVAFRICA Student Group. She had the opportunity to participate in field work while working as a research assistant in Guinea-Bissau. Rita’s main interest is Development Economics, particularly health and community-driven development.

Guilherme Silva

Guilherme is currently a student of the Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE. He graduated from ISCTE with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, having spent a semester abroad at UADE in Buenos Aires, where he grew an interest in Latin countries’ debt dynamics and crisis, as well as political economy. He has a special interest for applied macroeconomics, mainly in empirical studies grounded in models with microeconomic foundations, such as New Keynesian models. His foremost desire when becoming a member of the NOVAFRICA Student Group was to join a group of students where he could openly debate a plethora of topics within the field of development economics, while striving to connect development and poverty trends with macroeconomic fluctuations.

Galina Vysotskaya

Galina has recently obtained a Master’s in Economics degree from Nova SBE. She completed her Bachelor’s in Economics at MGIMO-University (Moscow, Russia). Initially, Galina’s interest in developing countries’ problems and sustainable development originated during her language exchange in South Africa. During her Master’s she has been further developing this interest participating in NOVAFRICA activities and coordinating work of the NOVAFRICA Student Group. Galina’s main academic interest is development economics and policy evaluation; currently she has been focusing on conflict and peace agreements.

Cloe Barbera

Cloe is a Bachelor of Economics student at Nova SBE. Through her studies, volunteering, and multi-cultural upbringing, she has cultivated a growing fascination to explore different aspects of development. She has a strong interest in development economics, aid finance, and research on social and environmental issues. Being able to discuss these interests whilst learning and interacting with other passionate students and professors, moved her to join the NOVAFRICA Student Group.

Vitor Cavalcante

Vitor is a graduate of the Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE. He did his Bachelor’s at Insper, in Brazil, and spent a semester abroad at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Spain. During the summer of 2019 he was a research assistant for NOVAFRICA in Gambia, working in a project about illegal migration. Also with NOVAFRICA, he is currently working in Lisbon as field coordinator in a research about the integration of immigrants to the host economy. His main interests focus on empirical development and behavioral economics. During the last years he has been mostly working on the topic of international migration.

Frederica Mendonça

Frederica is currently taking a Masters in Economics at Nova SBE. She holds a Bachelor in Science of Economics from Nova SBE. In her third year of Bachelor she discovered an interest in Development Economics and began attending NOVAFRICA seminars. Her main interest is identifying the main drivers of underdevelopment from a macroeconomic perspective and trying to understand what impedes income per capita convergence.

Giorgia Roda

Giorgia is pursuing the International Master’s in Finance at NOVA SBE. She obtained her Bachelor’s in Economics and Management at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, a trilingual university in South Tyrol (Italy). Moved by her interest in financial inclusion and development, she soon joined the NOVAFRICA Student Group. She is also focused on financing opportunities for development projects, social investing, and behavioral economics and finance.

Tobias Tesing

Tobi graduated with a BSc in Economics from the University of Mannheim, including an exchange semester in Lisbon , and is currently writing his Master Thesis at Nova SBE in the field of Behavioural Economics. With a strong interest in econometrics and data analysis, he is keen to apply quantitative methods in microeconomic contexts and also challenge mainstream economic theory. The opportunity to learn about current topics in developments economics from students and professors in an open debating environment, the wide range of activities and lots of freedom for student-driven initiatives made him join the NOVAFRICA Student Group (and pizza).