NOVAFRICA Student Group

The NOVAFRICA Student Group is a bridge between the NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center and students of Nova SBE. A passion for development topics is what unites us.The Group promotes and supports the Center’s events and projects, while having its own activities. During Pizza&Topic Sessions we discuss development economics topics that interest us. NSG Mentorship Program helps our students to understand better which academic and professional path they want to undertake. We engage as well in the NOVAFRICA Podcast and NOVAFRICA Blog, which are our tools to talk to other students and general audience about critical topics in development economics.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us via email.

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Frederica Mendonça

Frederica is a Ph.D. Student in Economics. She engaged with NOVAFRICA Student Group in 2017 which woke her interest in economic policy evaluation/implementation in the context of developing economies. As a consequence, she did an internship with NOVAFRICA in 2018 and has continued working since on multiple projects which allowed her to work in Angola, Guinea-Bissau and, currently, Mozambique. Her main topics of interest are education, health and political economy. Her current research focuses on urbanism and rural migration from a political point of view.

Vitor Cavalcante
Advisory Board Member

Vitor is a Project Manager and a Research Analyst at NOVAFRICA and a Research Assistant at the Center for Public Management and Public Policy (CPMPP), from Insper. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Insper and an M.Sc. in Economics from Nova SBE, with a specialization in International Development. His main interests are in the areas of Development Economics and Impact Assessment.

Galina Vysotskaya
Advisory Board Member

Galina is a PhD in Economics student at Nova SBE. She completed her Bachelor’s in Economics at MGIMO-University (Moscow, Russia) and her Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE. During her Master’s Galina has been growing the interest in development economics, while participating in NOVAFRICA activities and coordinating work of the NOVAFRICA Student Group. Galina’s main academic interest is development economics and policy evaluation; currently she has been focusing on conflict and peace agreements.

Ashlyn Osendorf
Podcast Team Leader

Ashlyn is a MSc in Economics student at Nova SBE, focusing on Public Policy and Development Economics. During her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Nevada, she developed an interest in the intersections of economic development, political economy, and the environment. To further pursue this interest, she decided to join the NOVAFRICA Student Group upon the start of her studies in Lisbon.

Patrícia Caetano

Patricia is currently a Master’s student in Economics at Nova SBE, specializing in International Development. During her BSc in the same institution, she did an exchange semester in Singapore and had the opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia, where she developed a strong interest in development economics – specially the fields of poverty and health. Patricia has worked in projects related to gender inequality, social impact, health economics and currently in development economics. She has been engaged in NOVAFRICA’s research, both as a research intern in Portugal and field coordinator in Quelimane, Mozambique. She is currently writing her thesis on the impact of natural disasters in Mozambique and is the Co-President of NOVAFRICA Student Group.

Rita Mira Vaz
Pizza & Topic Content Director

Rita is a MSc in Economics student at Nova SBE. She has a Bachelor’s in Economics also from Nova SBE. During her gap year in Mozambique, she discovered an interest in Development Economics, that was developed throughout her Bachelors. That’s when she got in contact with NOVAFRICA. Attending research seminars and participating in the NSG Mentorship Program, she got to know what’s like to be a researcher in Development Economics, and how amusing that can be. She is particularly interested in social inclusion, migrations and education.

Simão Paiva
Advisory Board Member

Simão holds a MSc from Nova SBE and a BSc from ISEG School of Economics and Management, both in Economics. He has focused his Master’s studies in the Development and Trade expertise. During the summer of 2019, through the NOVAFRICA research internships, Simão had the opportunity to work in the field as a research assistant and field coordinator in Guinea-Bissau. For the past two years, Simão has been working has a field coordinator and Co-investigator with NOVAFRICA in different research projects, mainly focused on health and on the impact of the covid-19 crises in Mozambique. His main interests focus on Development Economics, particularly health and community-driven development.

Lara Corrêa
Marketing Team Leader

Lara is presently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Management at Nova SBE. She is also an entrepreneur in the IT Recruitment and B2B Marketing sectors since 2020. Additionally, Lara is part of the communication and content team of the Brazilian Students Association in Lisbon. She is attracted by development economics, behavioural economics, food policy innovation and digital literacy promotion fields.

Gonçalo Gameiro
Advisory Board Member

Gonçalo holds a Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE, where he had previously done his Bachelor’s in Economics. During his first year of the Master’s, he worked as a research intern for NOVAFRICA in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area in a project about the integration of Cape Verdean immigrants in Portugal. Since then, he started working as project coordinator for NOVAFRICA, researching the African students’ transition from secondary school in their home countries into the Portuguese higher education institutions. Gonçalo’s main academic interest is development economics and currently he has been focusing on international migration, namely migrants’ economic and social integration.

Beatriz Gomes
Pizza & Topic Team Leader

Beatriz is currently finishing her Master´s in Economics at Nova SBE. Before this she graduated from Católica Porto Business School in Management where she developed a passion for sustainability and environment. During her master’s she complemented those by having a special interest in international development, health and migration .

Jorge Páscoa
Blog Team Leader

Jorge is currently taking a Master’s in Economics at Nova SBE, focusing on Public Policy and Development Economics. He holds a BSc. in Economics from University College London. His interests include Poverty, Inequality, Development Economics and Public Economics. The contact with NOVAFRICA has been particularly important in shaping his academic interests.

Catarina Louro
Mentorship Team Leader

Catarina completed her degree in Economics at Nova SBE in 2022 and is currently working as a research assistant in a project on education in Portugal.