NOVAFRICA Working Paper “Closing the Gender Profit Gap”

Um novo working paper foi adicionado à série NOVAFRICA Working Paper Series. Escrito por Catia Batista, Sandra Sequeira e Pedro Vicente, este paper analisa a complementariedade entre o acesso a contas de poupança móveis e as competências de gestão financeira no desempenho de microempresas lideradas por mulheres em Moçambique.

Título: Closing the Gender Profit Gap

Catia Batista (Universidade Nova de Lisboa e NOVAFRICA)
Sandra Sequeira (London School of Economics, CEPR e NOVAFRICA)
Pedro Vicente (Universidade Nova de Lisboa e NOVAFRICA)

We examine the complementarity between access to mobile savings accounts and improved financial management skills on the performance of female-led micro-enterprises in Mozambique. This combined support is associated with a large increase in both short and long-term firm profits and in financial security when compared to the independent effect of each of these interventions. This support allowed female-headed micro-enterprises to close the gender gap in performance and financial literacy relative to their male counterparts. The main drivers of improved business performance are increased financial management practices (bookkeeping), an increase in accessible savings, and reduced transfers to friends and relatives.

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