Agricultural intervention: the impact on livelihoods and social capital of subsistence farmers in Guinea-Bissau

Project Info

Principal Investigators

Pedro Vicente (Nova SBE)
Rute Martins Caeiro (Nova SBE)

Field Coordination

Rute Martins Caeiro


União Europeia e Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua

Managing Institutions


About this Project

A collaborative effort with Voluntariado Internacional para o Desenvolvimento Africano (VIDA)

The large majority of Guinea-Bissau population lives in rural areas and is highly dependent on subsistence agriculture.  This research project evaluates the impact of an agricultural intervention program for farmers implemented by the partner organization VIDA, in northwest region of Guinea-Bissau.

The intervention, fosters cooperation between farmers, provides agricultural technical training and inputs, and promotes linkages to local markets.  We therefore conduct a randomized field experiment to evaluate the impact of this intervention on the levels of social cohesion between farmers, the adoption of agricultural technology, production patterns and living standards. Moreover, we also examine the role of social networks in the agriculture adoption process.

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