Mobilizing Parents at Home and at School: An Experiment on Primary Education in Angola

  • An impact evaluation of the Fundo de Apoio Social (Social Support Fund) of the Government of Angola

Project Info

Principal Investigators

Vincenzo Di Maro (World Bank)
Pedro Vicente (Nova SBE)
Danila Serra (Texas A&M University)
Stefan Leeffers (Nova SBE)

Field Coordination

Miguel Lino Ferreira


Fundo de Apoio Social
World Bank


World Bank
Instituto Camões

About this Project

A collaborative effort with FAS and the World Bank

The Fundo de Apoio Social (FAS) provides support to local decision-making institutions while financing local infrastructures (schools, health centers). In collaboration with the Development Impact Evaluation Initiative of the World Bank, we designed and implemented an impact evaluation project of a capacity building component of FAS. This evaluation took place in the Kwanza-Sul, and included detailed measurements implemented through primary data collection.

In this project, we followed the implementation of a community-based monitoring intervention in randomly selected primary schools in Angola. The first component we analyzed was an information campaign using score cards comparing the performance of the local school relative to other schools in the area, as well as a comic strip with detailed information on the importance of participating in kids’ education. The second component included parent meetings and the facilitation of discussions about school related issues raised by parents.

See the project’s website for more information.

Preliminary results from this project can be found in the Working Paper.

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