Assimilation of Cape Verdean Immigrants in Terms of Access to Healthcare

Cátia Batista

Nova School of Business and Economics, CReAM, IZA, e NOVAFRICA

Ana Beatriz Gomes

Nova School of Business and Economics e NOVAFRICA

ISSN 2183-0843
Working Paper No 2208
Dezembro 2022


Full access to healthcare is an important driver of immigrant integration. Existing literature shows that there are multiple de facto barriers for migrants to access healthcare even when they are legally entitled to them. This paper examines how time since arrival impacts immigrants’ access to healthcare, a novel research question adding to the existing literature on migrant assimilation. We use survey data collected from about 800 Cape Verdean immigrants in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. The findings show that immigrants do assimilate in terms of access to healthcare. These results are robust when controlling for sample selection.

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