Financial Literacy of Managers and the Efficiency of Capital Allocation in Corporations

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Principal Investigators

Cláudia Custódio (Imperial College London and Nova SBE)
Daniel Metzger (Rotterdam School of Management)
Diogo Mendes (Nova SBE)

Field Coordination

Diogo Mendes

Research Assistance

Mattia Fracchia


International Growth Center (IGC)


Stockholm School of Economics


About this Project

This project studies the impact of a financial education program for top managers of medium and large enterprises in Mozambique through a randomized controlled trial (RCT). We use survey data and financial reporting data to show consistent evidence that managers adjust some financial practices in response to the education program.

Overall, our results suggest that relatively small and low-cost interventions, such as a short executive education program in finance, improve financial practices and can affect economic development.

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