Mobilizing Parents at Home and at School: An Experiment on Primary Education in Angola

Vincenzo Di Maro

The World Bank

Stefan Leeffers

Nova School of Business and Economics and NOVAFRICA

Danila Serra

Texas A&M University

Pedro C. Vicente

Nova School of Business and Economics, BREAD and NOVAFRICA

ISSN 2183-0843
Working Paper No 2002
February 2020


In this paper we test ways to mobilize parents for education. We implemented a field experiment in 126 Angolan primary schools, including three treatments: an information campaign at home, simple parents’ meetings at school, and the combination of both. Our measures of parental mobilization include beneficial practices at home, contacts with teachers, and participation in school institutions. We find that the information increased parents’ involvement at home but had no impact on engagement at school, while the meetings had the opposite effects. After mobilizing parents, the combined treatment improved management practices and facilities in schools, teachers’ attitudes, and parents’ satisfaction.

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