NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks
Season 3

Listen here to the third series of the “NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks” Podcast.

This series of audio talks about development in Africa brings together experts from a wide range of institutions. Alex Armand, resident member of NOVAFRICA and Assistant Professor at Nova SBE, is the coordinator of this Podcast.

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Season 3

#Episode 11: “Goals for Development: Experimental Evidence from Cassava Processors in Ghana”, with Patricio Dalton, (Tilburg University).


#Episode 10: “The Management of the Pandemic and its Effects on Trust and Accountability”, with Monica Martinez-Bravo, (Center for Monetary and Financial Studies).


#Episode 9: “Predicting conflict”, with Christopher Rauh, (University of Cambridge)


#Episode 8: “Big Loans to Small Businesses: Predicting Winners and Losers in an Entrepreneurial Lending Experiment”, with Gharad Bryan (London School of Economics)


#Episode 7: “Asymmetry in Civic Information: An Experiment on Tax Participation among Informal Firms in To”, with Moussa Blimpo (World Bank)


#Episode 6: “Household Food Consumption Responses to Terrorism: evidence from high frequency in-home-scanner data”, with Elena Stancanelli (Paris School of Economics)


#Episode 5: “Benchmarking a Child Nutrition Program Against Cash: Evidence from Rwanda”, with Andrew Zeitlin (Georgetown University)


#Episode 4: “Optimal Assignment of Bureaucrats: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Tax Collectors in the DRC”, with Jonathan Weigel (London School of Economics)


#Episode 3: “Political Influences on Police Responses to Crime”, with Katherine Vyborny (Duke University)


#Episode 2: “Entrenched Political Dynasties and Development under Competitive Clientelism: Evidence from Pakistan”, with Jean Philippe Platteau (Namur University)


#Episode 1: “Two Sides of Gender: Sex, Power, and Adolescence” with Manisha Shah (UCLA)