AGE – Atlantico Global Economics

Project Info

Principal Investigators

Miguel Lebre de Freitas (Nova SBE)
Miguel Lino Ferreira (Nova SBE)

Project Coordinator

Miguel Lino Ferreira


Banco Millenium Atlântico

About this Project

The partnership between Banco Millennium Atlântico (BMA) and NOVAFRICA has been transforming AGE – Atlântico Global Economics into a top-tier research center in southern Africa with a strong technical and analytical capacity. The AGE team produces quarterly reports about the Angolan economy, plus a series of short texts about specific issues.
The objective is to make BMA the leader in the production of knowledge about the evolution, prospects and opportunities of the Angolan economy in an international context. All AGE output is the result of close and ongoing collaboration between the NOVAFRICA members based in Lisbon, and their BMA colleagues based in Luanda, thus creating a single team.
While NOVAFRICA ensures the scientific and executive coordination of the project given the expertise of its members in the production of international macroeconomics analyses, BMA uses its capacity to bring local information together with access to institutional data sources.

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