Seminars NOVAFRICA @ Nova SBE
2014 | 2015

Nova School of Business and Economics
Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Campolide


Under the theme Economic Development in Africa, with particular emphasis on Portuguese-speaking countries, the NOVAFRICA@Nova SBE seminar series hosts a variety of international speakers.

Although intended primarily to Nova SBE’s faculty and students, the seminars are open to the public.

For more information about the seminar series NOVAFRICA@Nova SBE, please refer to the following schedule or contact Ms. Sofia Vala by email.

2nd Semester
FEB 03rd, 14h30
Room 306

Emilia Soldani,
New York University

FEB 05th, 14h30
Room 306

Sara Hernandez,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

FEB 09th, 14h30
Room 306

Jana Cahlikova,

FEB 11th, 14h30
Room 306

Alexander Coutts,
New York University

FEB 13th, 14h30
Room 306

Luís Catão,
International Monetary Fund

World Food Prices, the Terms of Trade-Real Exchange Rate Nexus, and Monetary Policy

FEB 16th, 14h30
Room 306

Roberta Zíparo,
Paris School of Economics

FEB 17th, 14h30
Room 306

Thimothée Demont,
CERDI, University of Auvergne

FEB 18th, 14h00
Room 306

Michael Callen,
Harvard Kennedy School

Using Preference Parameter Estimates to Tailor Incentives: Evidence from Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan

FEB 25th, 14h00
Room 306

Mariapia Mendola,

Sibling Rivalry and Migration

FEB 27th, 11h00
Room 306

Dan Biller,
World Bank

MAR 11th, 14h00
Room 306

Vincent Pons,
Harvard University

Homogeneous teams and productivity – Experimental Evidence from Kenya

MAR 13th, 11h30
Room 308

Teresa Molina Millán,
Paris School of Economics

MAR 18th, 14h00
Room 306

Jonathan Goyette,
Université de Sherbrooke

Firms’ Growth, Corruption, Taxation and Financial Intermediation in Developing Countries

APR 29th, 14h00
Room 306

William Parienté,
Université Catholique de Louvain

Discrimination as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Evidence from French Grocery Stores

MAY 8th, 14h00
Room 308

Hillel Rapoport,
Paris School of Economics

MAY 13th, 14h00
Room 306

Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero,
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

MAY 27th, 14h00
Room 308

Paulo Santos,
Monash University

Risk, Ambiguity and the Adoption of Innovations

1st Semester
OCT 08th, 14h00
Room 306

Olivier Cadot,
HEC Lausanne

NOV 5th, 14h00
Room 306

Ameet Morjaria,
Harvard University

Competition and Relational Contracts: Evidence from Rwanda’s Coffee Mills

NOV 26th, 14h00
Room 306

Gerald Willmann,
University of Bielefeld

DEC 10th, 14h00
Room 306

Christine Valente,
Universit y of Bristol

JAN 09th, 14h30
Room 306

Paul Collier,
University of Oxford

Effective organizations, why they are scarce in Africa, and what can be done about it

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