Seminar Series INOVA – NOVAFRICA
2013 | 2014

Seminar Series INOVA - NOVAFRICA 2013/2014
Nova School of Business and Economics
Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Campolide
Room 306


The seminar series INOVA – NOVAFRICA of the academic year 2013-2014 takes place monthly and starts on October 11th.

Under the theme Economic Development in Africa, with particular emphasis on Portuguese-speaking countries, the seminar series will host a variety of international and national speakers.

Although intended primarily to faculty and students of the Nova SBE – Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the seminars are open to the public from other institutions.

For more information about the seminar series INOVA – NOVAFRICA, please refer to the following Schedule or contact Ms. Olga Tormenta by email.

2nd Semester
FEB 14th, 14h00

Margherita Comola,
Paris School of Economics

Intervention-Driven Changes in Social Networks and their Effects on Household Outcomes

MAR 05th, 11h30

Julie Regolo,
University of Geneva

Export Diversification: How Much Does the Choice of the Trading Partner Matter?

MAR 26th, 14h00

Alessandro Tarozzi,
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

MAR 28th, 14h00

Santinho Figueira,
FAS Angola

A Experiência do Fundo de Apoio Social em Angola: Apoiando Saúde e Educação ao Nível Local

APR 04th, 14h00

Paulo Santos,
Monash University

Social Networks and Wages in South Africa

APR 09th, 14h00

Frédéric Docquier,
Universite Catholique de Louvaine

APR 16th, 15h30

Eliana La Ferrara,
Bocconi University

Does interaction affect prejudice and cooperation? Evidence from randomly assigned peers in South Africa

APR 23rd, 14h00

Ricardo Santos,
University of Sussex

Post-Conflict Returns to Education

MAY 09th, 11h00

Maria Jalles D Orey,
University of East Anglia

Are Aid Agencies Really Willing to Coordinate? Reality and Prescription Disputed

MAY 28th, 14h00

Imran Rasul,
University College London

State-Building, Mass Migration and Compulsory Schooling Laws Across US States

MAY 29th, 14h00

Adeline Delavande,
University of Essex

University Choice: The Role of Expected Earnings, Non-pecuniary Outcomes and Financial Constraints

JUN 04th, 14h00

Marie Anne Valfort,
PSE – Pantheon-Sorbonne University

Does malaria control impact education? A study of the Global Fund in Africa

1st Semester
OCT 11th, 14h00

Sandra Maximiniano,
Purdue University

NOV 06th, 14h00

Flore Gubert,
DIAL- Paris School of Economics

NOV 27th, 14h00

Giuliano Russo,

The Economics of Physician Dual Practice in Low-income Settings

DEC 11th, 14h00

João Noronha,

Leaders Development Model – Reconciling Spaces in an Individualized Learning

DEC 18th, 14h00

Ana Fernandes,
World Bank

Exporter Behavior, Country Size and Stage of Development

JAN 24th, 14h00

Emanuel Gomes,
University of Sheffield

A Comparative Perspective of International HMR Practices of Indian and European MNEs: Evidence from Africa

Please see here the 2012/2013 research seminar schedule.