Seminars NOVAFRICA @ Nova SBE
2015 | 2016

Nova School of Business and Economics
Faculdade de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Campolide


Under the theme Economic Development in Africa, with particular emphasis on Portuguese-speaking countries, the NOVAFRICA@Nova SBE seminar series hosts a variety of international speakers.

Although intended primarily to Nova SBE’s faculty and students, the seminars are open to the public.

For more information about the seminar series NOVAFRICA@Nova SBE, please refer to the following schedule or contact Ms. Sofia Vala by email.

2nd Semester
FEB 05th, 16h00
Room 306
Jackie Wahba,
University of Southampton
Upward or Downward: Occupational Mobility and Return Migration
FEB 17th, 14h30
Room 308
Chris Woodruff,
University of Warwick
What Are the Headwaters of Formal Savings? Experimental Evidence from Sri Lanka
FEB 24th, 14h30
Room 306
Julia Seither,
Nova SBE
MAR 2nd, 14h30
Room 219
Jeremy Magruder,
UC Berkeley
MAR 9th, 14h30
Room 306
Francisco Campos,
World Bank
Short-term Impacts of Entrepreneurship Skills Development: Testing Two Alternative Business Training Programs in Togo
MAR 30th, 14h30
Room 306
Sandra Sequeira,
London School of Economics
Migrants and the Making of America
APR 06th, 14h30
Room 306
Jakob Svensson,
Institute for International Economic Studies
Low Quality, Low Returns, Low Adoption: Evidence from the Market for Fertilizer and Hybrid Seed in Uganda
APR 13th, 14h30
Room 306
Karen Macours,
Paris School of Economics
The Reliability and Validity of Skills Measurement in Rural Household Surveys
APR 27th, 14h30
Room 306
Nahomi Ichino,
University of Michigan
Segregation, Diversity, and Intra-Party Competition in Ghana
MAY 11th, 14h30
Room 306
Philip Verwimp,
Universtié Libre de Bruxelles
Secondary School as a Contraceptive: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Burundi
MAY 18th, 11h00
Room 306
Alice Mesnard,
City University London
Asymmetry of Information within Family Networks
MAY 25th, 14h30
Room 306
Tilman Brück,
International Security and Development Center
The War at Home: Long-Run Individual-Level Origins of Domestic Violence
JUN 16th, 16h00
Room 306
Marcel Fafchamps,
Stanford University
Gender and Agency Within the Household: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan
JUN 22nd, 14h30
Room 306
Flávio Cunha,
Eliciting Maternal Subjective Expectations about the Technology of Cognitive Skill Formation
JUL 14th and 15th
Palacete Henrique Mendonça


1st Semester


OCT 07th, 14h00
Room 306
Alex Armand,
Universidad de Navarra
Measuring and Changing Control: Women Empowerment and Targeted Transfers
NOV 04th, 14h30
Room 308
Alexander Coutts,
Nova SBE
Social Learning in Experimental Games: Evidence from Rwanda
NOV 25th, 14h30
Room 306
Hugo Reis,
Banco de Portugal
Girls’ Schooling Choices and Home Production: Evidence from Pakistan
DEC 02nd, 14h30
Room 306
Arinze Nwokolo,
University of Navarra
Oil Price Shocks and Civil Conflict: Evidence from Nigeria
DEC 09th, 14h30
Room 306
Devesh Rustagi,
Goethe University Frankfurt
Dishonesty in Milk Markets in India

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