Seminário NOVAFRICA:
“Migrants and the Making of America”

Na quarta-feira, dia 30 de março, pelas 14h30, o Centro NOVAFRICA convida Sandra Sequeira, da London School of Economics, para apresentar o seu trabalho.

Sandra Sequeira

We examine European migration into U.S. counties between 1860 and 1920, during the height of America’s Age of Mass Migration, and estimate the long-term causal impact of immigrants on economic and social outcomes today. Our analysis exploits variation arising from the interaction of the timing of immigrant inflows and the simultaneous expansion of the railway network to identify the causal effect of immigration on socioeconomic outcomes. We find that the impact of historical immigration can still be felt today. More historical immigration is associated with higher incomes, higher rates of urbanization and higher educational attainment, but also with higher inequality and lower social capital. The main historical channels of impact appear to be increased productivity in manufacturing due to an augmented labor force and more innovation during a period of intense industrialization in the U.S.

Este seminário será apresentado em Inglês.
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