Participação e Donativos

Created in 2011, the NOVAFRICA Center aims at producing and disseminating knowledge on the processes of business and economic development in Africa, with particular focus on the Portuguese-speaking countries.

The NOVAFRICA Center includes a resident team of renowned professors at the Nova School of Business and Economics of the Nova University of Lisbon and at the Angola Business School. This team has a diversity of backgrounds and a broad range of areas of expertise relevant to reserach on economic development in Africa. The Center also has an Advisory Board including several experts on economic developemnt policies in Africa, and also the NOVAFRICA Student Group, a group of Nova SBE students who participate and energize the activities of the Center.

The Center develops research activities in the areas of economics and business management. As a result of these activities, the Center produces both academic publications of relevance to the development process, and publications that are more applied in nature – including publications that contribute to manager training and document business experiences of success. The Center also promotes local capacity building activities such as internships and training initiatives. NOVAFRICA also organizes events such as conferences, seminars and debates both in Lisbon and in other African cities with the purpose of disseminating knowledge produced by the Center and promoting exchanges among the participants. The Center also offers consulting services in its areas of expertise.

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