Working Paper NOVAFRICA: Tamanho e diversidade da equipa

Um novo working paper foi adicionado à série NOVAFRICA Working Paper Series. Escrito por Brais Álvarez Pereira, Shan Aman-Rana e Alexia Delfino este paper analisa a relação do desepenho da equipa em função do seu tamanho e diversidade.

Tamanho e diversidade da equipa

Brais Álvarez Pereira (Nova School of Business and Economics, BELAB e NOVAFRICA)
Shan Aman-Rana (University of Virginia)
Alexia Delfino (Bocconi University)

We analyse the relationship of performance with team diversity and size. We first propose a model with knowledge spillovers in production, which predicts that the effect of team diversity on individual performance increases with team size. We experimentally test the model by randomly assigning students to solve knowledge questions in teams of different sizes, with or without diversity. Our main finding is that the benefit of diversity is increasing in team size. We
further show that such benefit is heterogeneous depending on students’ gender and the gender composition of teams. This has implications for how organizations can design their teams to maximize knowledge flows and performance.

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