PhD Candidates

NOVAFRICA Ph.D. Candidates work on different research topics in Africa with faculty at Nova SBE and NOVAFRICA affiliates worldwide. You can find their profiles below.

Job Market Candidates

Mattia Fracchia

Fields of study: Development Economics and Behavioural Economics; Incentive Theory.
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Matilde Grácio

Fields of sudy: Development Economics; Behavioural Economics.
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PhD Students

Daniele Chiavenato

Fields of sudy: Development Economics; Impact Evaluation and Education.
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Andrej Smirnov

Fields of study: Development Economics; Economics of Conflict; Impact Evaluations.
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Galina Vysotskaya

Fields of sudy: Development Economics and Impact Evaluation.
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Frederica Mendonça

Fields of sudy: Development Economics; Political Economy; Policy Design for Health and Education.
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Carolina Gameiro Nogueira

Fieds of study: Development Economics, Gender
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