“NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks” Podcast – Season 2

Listen here to the new season of the “NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks” Podcast.

Development in Africa remains the focus of these audio talks that bring together experts from a wide range of institutions. Alex Armand, resident member of NOVAFRICA and Assistant Professor at Nova SBE, is the coordinator of this Podcast.

Join us!

#Episode 9: “A Firm of One’s Own: Experimental Evidence on Credit Constraints and Occupational Choice” with Pamela Jakiela (Williams College)


#Episode 8: “Islam and the State: Religious Education in the Age of Mass Schooling” with Samuel Bazzi (University of California, San Diego)


#Episode 7: “Can microfinance unlock a poverty trap for some entrepreneurs?” with Cynthia Kinnan (Tufts University)


#Episode 6: “Eat Widely, Vote Wisely? Lessons from a Campaign Against Vote-Buying in Uganda” with Benjamin Marx (Sciences-Po)


#Episode 5: “Medical Worker Migration and Origin-Country Human Capital: Evidence from U.S. Visa Policy” with Caroline Theoharides (Amherst College)


#Episode 4: “Flexible Microcredit: Effects on Loan Repayment and Social Pressure”, with Lisa Spantig (University of Essex)


#Episode 3: Does management matter for development?”, with Nick Bloom (University of Stanford)


#Episode 2: “Improving Business Practices and the Boundary of the Entrepreneur: A Randomized Experiment Comparing Training, Consulting, Insourcing and Outsourcing”, with David McKenzie (World Bank)


#Episode 1: “Psychological and Material Determinants of Economic Investments”, with Kate Orkin (University of Oxford)


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