NOVAFRICA Merit Scholarships

NOVAFRICA has been promoting  the NOVAFRICA Merit Scholarships Program since 2012.

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding  students from sub-Saharan African countries who have been accepted at Nova SBE.

It consists of a tuition waiver and subsistence allowance.

Before being considered for this scholarship, students must secure admission in a Nova SBE degree of their choice.

It is recommended that prospective candidates apply well in advance of degree application deadlines, as scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis.

To apply, students must send an email to NOVAFRICA with the CV, letter of enrollment in a Nova SBE program, grade transcript with full course list and grades, motivation letter, reference letters (if available), and any other documents that may enrich the application.

For further information about NOVAFRICA Merit Scholarship regulation see here

To know more about Nova SBE programs, see the School’s website here.