NOVAFRICA NEWS: 2022 Conference on Economic Development in Review

The 2022 NOVAFRICA conference on economic development brought to Lisbon some of the world’s top experts in economic development.

More than 150 researchers, policy makers, non-governmental organizations and students from all over the world worked together at Nova SBE, in Lisbon, to share knowledge on evidence to improve people’s lives.

The event had an opening by Nova SBE’s Dean, Daniel Traca, who highlighted the ten years of NOVAFRICA.

Professor Daniel Traca was followed by the emblematic mayor of Quelimane, Manuel Araujo, that described himself as an “ecological politician”.

The conference had as keynote speakers Mushfiq Mobarak from Yale University and Jakob Svensson from Stockholm University, who delivered inspiring speeches!

The policy roundtable sat at the same table four women from Africa, Europe, and the United States to discuss a variety of gender gaps and ways to close them.

Watch the Sum up video of the event here.