NOVAFRICA Podcast: Targeting Social Assistance with Machine Learning

Listen to the fourth series of the “NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks” Podcast.

This series of audio talks about economic development in Africa brings together experts from a wide range of institutions. Myriam Marending, resident member of NOVAFRICA and researcher in Development Economics at Nova SBE, is the podcast academic coordinator. The NOVAFRICA Student Group hosted the podcast, which was produced at Fidelidade Creative Studio.

#Episode 11: “Targeting Social Assistance with Machine Learning”, with Joshua Blumenstock,
(University of California, Berkeley).

#Episode 10: “Does Identity Affect Labor Supply?”, with Suanna Oh,
(Paris School of Economics).

#Episode 9: “Public Opinion, Racial Bias, and Labor Market Outcomes”, with Silvia Prina (Northeastern University).

#Episode 8: “Forced Displacement and Human Capital”, with Elias Papaioannou (London Business School).

#Episode 7: “Monetary Incentives and Image Motivation: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment with Nigerian Midwives”, Marcos Vera-Hernandez (University College London).

#Episode 6: “It Will Rain: The Effect of Information on Flood Preparedness in Urban Mozambique”, with Stefan Leffers, (NOVAFRICA, Nova School of Business and Economics, Nova SBE).


#Episode 5: “Community effects of electrification: Evidence from Burkina Faso’s grid extension”, with Alexander Moradi, (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano).


#Episode 4: “Human Capital, Internal Migration and Structural Transformation in Africa”, with Jorge Agüero, (University of Connecticut).


#Episode 3: “The effects of health behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic”, Gabriella Conti (University College London).


#Episode 2: “Real-life effects of health interventions in Guinea-Bissau”, with Ane Fisker, (University of Southern Denmark). 


#Episode 1: “Women Leaders Improve Environmental Outcomes: Evidence from Crop Fires in India”, with Meera Mahadevan, (UC Irvine).