NOVAFRICA News: NOVAFRICA at the Sustainable Value Creation Summit

Last week, NOVAFRICA‘s scientific director, Pedro Vicente, and PhD student, Mattia Fracchia, participated in a dynamic panel discussion on value creation in Guinea-Bissau at the Sustainable Value Creation Summit hosted by Nova School of Business and Economics.

The Sustainable Value Creation Summit serves as a pivotal meeting point between academia and industry, where innovators, leaders, and society converge to create value and address pressing challenges. Guided by a sustainable mindset aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Triple Bottom Line (society, planet, and financial concerns), this summit brings together researchers and practitioners to explore innovative approaches toward sustainable development.

Together with Patrícia Maridalho, Director of NGO VIDA, they highlighted NOVAFRICA‘s dedication to generating value in Guinea-Bissau through policy-relevant research projects. For the past decade, NOVAFRICA has invested in establishing robust partnerships with both the government and non-governmental organizations operating in Guinea-Bissau. These ongoing collaborations have facilitated continuous interactions with policymakers, enabling NOVAFRICA to develop and implement research initiatives that are directly applicable to policy and decision-making processes.

NOVAFRICA‘s research efforts have focused on addressing critical issues in Guinea-Bissau. Through evidence-based studies, the organization has sought to improve agricultural technology adoption, reduce maternal and infant mortality rates, and enhance health service delivery through evidence-sharing and the introduction of non-monetary incentives. These initiatives have made a tangible impact on the ground, benefiting local communities and contributing to sustainable development.

Over time, NOVAFRICA‘s local field team has expanded, now consisting of young professionals who are poised to take the next step in their careers by enrolling in a Master’s program at Nova School of Business and Economics. This investment in human capital strengthens the local capacity for research and development, ensuring the continuity of NOVAFRICA‘s valuable work in Guinea-Bissau.

NOVAFRICA is fully committed to fostering an ecosystem that promotes value creation in Guinea-Bissau through evidence-based knowledge and capacity building. By engaging in impactful research and collaborating with stakeholders, the organization aims to contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

NOVAFRICA invites you to learn more about their unwavering dedication to sustainable development in Africa. By leveraging evidence and knowledge, as well as fostering collaborations, NOVAFRICA strives to make a positive and lasting impact on the continent.