NOVAFRICA Podcast with Gharard Bryan from LSE

Listen here to the third series of the “NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks” Podcast.

This series of audio talks about development in Africa brings together experts from a wide range of institutions. Alex Armand, resident member of NOVAFRICA and Assistant Professor at Nova SBE, is the coordinator of this Podcast.

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Season 3

#Episode 8: “Big Loans to Small Businesses: Predicting Winners and Losers in an Entrepreneurial Lending Experiment”, with Gharad Bryan (London School of Economics)


#Episode 7: “Asymmetry in Civic Information: An Experiment on Tax Participation among Informal Firms in To”, with Moussa Blimpo (World Bank)


#Episode 6: “Household Food Consumption Responses to Terrorism: evidence from high frequency in-home-scanner data”, with Elena Stancanelli (Paris School of Economics)


#Episode 5: “Benchmarking a Child Nutrition Program Against Cash: Evidence from Rwanda”, with Andrew Zeitlin (Georgetown University)


#Episode 4: “Optimal Assignment of Bureaucrats: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Tax Collectors in the DRC”, with Jonathan Weigel (London School of Economics)


#Episode 3: “Political Influences on Police Responses to Crime”, with Katherine Vyborny (Duke University)


#Episode 2: “Entrenched Political Dynasties and Development under Competitive Clientelism: Evidence from Pakistan”, with Jean Philippe Platteau (Namur University)


#Episode 1: “Two Sides of Gender: Sex, Power, and Adolescence” with Manisha Shah (UCLA)