NOVAFRICA Seminar: “Migration Desires and the Role of Integration Policies”

On Friday, September 14th, at 11.30am, the NOVAFRICA Center welcomes Michel Beine, from University of Luxembourg, to present his work.

Michel Beine (University of Luxembourg)

This paper analyses the effect of migrant integration policies on migration desires. Combining data on bilateral migration desires from over 140 origin countries and data on policies in 35 destination countries over the period 2007-2014, we find that potential migrants tend to favor destinations with better integration policies. In particular, better access and conditions on the labor market, access to nationality and to permanent residency significantly increase the perceived attractiveness of a destination country. These results hold for subsamples of origin countries as well as of destinations and are robust to a set of concerns including endogeneity. Moreover, results of some policies vary across types of respondents. Educational opportunities for migrants, for instance, affect the migration desires of individuals aged between 15 and 24 years, but not of individuals in other age groups.

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