Seminars NOVAFRICA @ Nova SBE
2018 | 2019

Under the theme of Economic Development in Africa, the NOVAFRICA@Nova SBE seminar series hosts a variety of international speakers.

Although intended primarily to Nova SBE’s faculty and students, the seminars are open to the public.

For more information about the seminar series NOVAFRICA@Nova SBE, please refer to the following schedule or contact the Research Office by email.

Nova School of Business and Economics
Campus de Carcavelos
2nd Semester
JAN 31st, 14h30
Room A 219B

Gharad Bryan,
London School of Economics

FEB 13th, 14h30
Room A 219B

Emma Riley,
University of Oxford

Hiding loans using mobile money: Experimental evidence on microenterprise investment in Uganda

FEB 27th, 14h30
Room A 219B

Laura Schechter,
University of Wisconsin

Spillovers without Social Interactions in Urban Sanitation

MAR 14th, 14h00
Room A 219B

Ana Garcia-Hernandez,
Nova SBE

Wheels of Change: Impact of Bicycles on Female Education and Empowerment in Zambia

APR 03rd, 14h30
Room A 219B

Josh Blumenstock,
University of California, Berkeley

Migration and the Value of Social Networks

APR 04th, 11h00
Room A 219B

Isabel Ruiz,
University of Oxford

The Consequences of Refugee Repatriation for Stayees: Implications for Sustainable Development

JUN 19th, 14h30
Room A 219B

Vittorio Bassi,
University of Southern California

Skills, Signals and Job Search in Low-income Labor Markets: Evidence from a Six-year Two-Sided Field Experiment

JUN 25th, 16h30
Room A 219B

Kjetil Bjorvatn,

Women’s economic empowerment and fertility: Long-term evidence from Tanzania

JUL 03rd, 14h30
Room A 219A

Paulo Santos,
Monash University

Can collective action be trained?

1st Semester
SEP 12th, 14h30
Room D 113

Frederic Docquier,
Université Catholique de Louvain

SEP 14th, 11h00
Room A 219B

Michel Beine,
University of Luxembourg

Migration Desires and the Role of Integration Policies

SEP 19th, 14h30
Room A 219B

Julia Seither,
Nova SBE

Keeping Up with the Joneses: Relative Performance Feedback and Business Performance

SEP 26th, 14h30
Room A 219B

Richard Akresh,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Long-term and Intergenerational Effects of Education: Evidence from School Construction in Indonesia

OCT 10th, 14h30
Room A 219B

Eoin McGuirk,
Tufts University

OCT 31st, 14h30
Room A 219B

Erwin Bulte,
Wageningen University

NOV 7th, 14h30
Room A 219B

António Cruz,

NOV 14th, 14h30
Room A 219B

Ragnar Torvik,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NOV 28th, 14h30
Room A 219B

Alex Scacco,
Berlin Social Science Center

Beliefs about the Costs and Benefits of Irregular Migration: New Evidence from Nigeria


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