Successful 2022 NOVAFRICA Conference on Economic Development!

Two days of knowledge sharing and discussion!  The 2022 NOVAFRICA Conference on Economic Development brought together 200 people from all over the world to discuss 100 studies on different aspects of economic development.

Mushfiq Mobarak from Yale University delivered a Keynote Speech on “Seasonal Poverty” and Jakob Svensson from Stockholm University gave a Keynote Speech on “It’s (also) What You Produce: Agricultural Development in Sub-Saharan Africa”.

A policy roundtable on “Closing Gender Gaps” with Catia Batista from Nova SBE and NOVAFRICA, Magda Robalo Silva from Women in Global Health, Esselina Macome from Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique, and Wendy Teleki from the World Bank, made us aware of gaps and think about the role of women in society.

The closing session highlighted the 10th NOVAFRICA Anniversary with Catia Batista and Pedro Vicente, Scientific Directors of NOVAFRICA.

Watch the coverage by africanews and Euronews.