A Fun Talk on Increasing Immigration?!

Steve Gerben, an american comedian recently catched my attention by being referred to have given a talk on immigration that “will make you laugh, cry, cry-laugh, and think” (quoting Chris Blattman’s blog).

The talk was filmed in the Plays and Players Theater in Philadelphia in January this year, and brings together public opinions and scientific evidence on the economic effects of immigration gathered during the last decades. Steve Gerben makes the effort to not only present the ideas of researchers such as Michael Clemens, Lant Pritchett or William Easterly to a non-academic audience but also manages to present their work in a funny, interesting, and reflective way.

He catches up on topics and questions such as welfare costs, the benefits to migrants of leaving their home country, and the reality undocumented migrants are confronted with.

If you have a little time, watch this talk (here is the link to his website) and please share it as Steve Gerben deserves more than the eight facebook likes he currently has.


Written by Julia Seither, PhD candidate at Nova SBE and member of the NOVAFRICA Student Group