Improve Public Services with the Support of the People

The improvement of education services and health in Africa is central to economic development of the continent. Since they are public goods, the state has been and will be absolutely central to these efforts. The development support by international donors has allowed the creation and expansion of schools and medical centers all over the African... Read More

The city of Luanda

The beautiful city of Luanda is one of the great cities of Africa. In the capital of Angola live more than four million people, mostly young people full of potential. In this context, it becomes crucial to consider how best to organize the city and to realize the potential that it holds. The exponential growth... Read More

2015: A Millennium-Development-Goals Odyssey

Time is ticking for the promise the World made itself over a decade ago. In the Millennium Summit of 2000 all world leaders present adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration, setting eight goals that should be achieved by the year 2015. Today, the world has less than 1000 days (967 days to be precise) until... Read More

A Question of Performance Management: Positive and Realistic

The Angolan managers face today, some entrepreneurial challenges whose resolution is not always easy. The reconciliation of short-term results with future development is one of the classic problems of management but that proves to be crucial in a country that grows at the rate that grows Angola. The Angolan manager must have a focus on... Read More

Leadership in Angola

I recently had the opportunity to return to Luanda and socialize, within the training sessions that I taught at the Angola Business School, with those who are preparing to be the future leaders of Angola. I would like to share with you some aspects of the development of the management model and, in particular leadership... Read More

Angola Business School Celebrates Another Year of Activity

Nova School of Business and Economics has an established presence in Angola through ABS – Angola Business School and celebrated on 13 March another year of activity in that country. The day was celebrated with the graduation ceremony of over 120 students that participated in ABS’ programs throughout 2011. The certificates have been awarded by... Read More