NOVAFRICA in the News: Horacio Larreguy on Voter’s Education and Voter’s Participation

On April 8th, NOVAFRICA invited an expert in his field – Horacio Larreguy – Professor at Harvard University and associated with several research institutes in Harvard such as the Center for International Development, to present his current work on education and political participation.

In an interview to the newspaper Público after the NOVAFRICA seminar, Horacio Larreguy explained that his findings challenge the common perception about the importance of education for political participation. He shows that voters that don’t believe to have an impact by voting are not likely to engage in politics despite their educational attainments. These results are not only important for developing countries such as Zimbabwe (where the referred study took place) but that these effects can also be observed in European countries such as Spain.

To read the full interview to Público (in Portuguese) please follow this link.