NOVAFRICA Gathered Worldwide Experts in Economic Development Policies for Africa

Conference I

Nova School of Business and Economics hosted, on 7 and 8 September, the first international NOVAFRICA conference, focusing on “Economic Development in Africa”.

Over two days, the school hosted the meeting between the most renowned academic experts in economic development policies, and a set of personalities experienced in implementing these policies in Africa, and knowledgeable of the challenges this presents.

Among the invited speakers were:

Paul Collier – Professor at Oxford University, author of the bestseller “The Bottom Billion” and consultant for many African governments

Roger Myerson – Professor at University of Chicago, an expert in game theory and Nobel Prize in Economics in 2007

Dean Karlan – Professor at Yale University and founder of the IPA – Innovations for Poverty Action

Conference II

Conference III

The opening session of the conference counted with the presence of Luís Brites Pereira, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; Luisa Diogo, Chairwoman of Barclays Bank Mozambique, former Prime Minister and former Finance Minister of Mozambique; José Octavio Serra Van-Dúnem, professor at the University Agostinho Neto in Angola; António Rendas, Rector of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa; and José Ferreira Machado, Dean of Nova School of Business and Economics.

Conference IV

Conference V

Conference VI

This was the first international conference organized by NOVAFRICA, a project of Nova School of Business and Economics and Angola Business School, created in 2011 with the goal of producing and disseminating knowledge for creating prosperity in Africa.

For Cátia Batista, Nova SBE Professor and Executive Director of NOVAFRICA, “Lisbon necessarily needs to be a bridge between the knowledge produced in the U.S. and Europe, and the African reality, with which NOVAFRICA has privileged links”.

The conference program – which went far beyond academic discussion and brought together professors, specialists with political influence and business people with links to Africa – is available in the conference page.