NOVAFRICA Vacancies for Research Internship (Guinea-Bissau)

NOVAFRICA, in partnership with BELAB,  is accepting applications for Research Internships.
We are looking for a research intern to be integrated in the following ongoing field research projects:

Reducing Maternal and Infant Mortality in Guinea-Bissau
This project consists of a randomized impact evaluation of a novel agenda for reducing infant and maternal mortality.

Evaluating the impact of a support hotline for cashew producers in Guinea-Bissau
This project consists of a randomized impact evaluation of an innovative market information system to improve the market performance of cashew nut producers.

First round of the Afrobarometer
This project consists of a survey on political attitudes at the national level. This is the first round in Guinea-Bissau of the Afrobarometer, which is present in about 40 African countries.

Malaria prevention in rural communities
This project consists of a randomized impact evaluation of a new malaria reduction agenda in Guinea-Bissau.

Start date: February 2023.

Duration: Between 3 months and one year. In some projects, the internship contract may give way to employment contracts, depending on performance.

Location: Guinea-Bissau. For some of the projects it can be considered a remote support.

Responsibilities: The intern will be responsible for monitoring fieldwork and survey implementation and performing various tasks, including survey programming, data checks and backups, staff training, and field team management.

Selection criteria: includes a strong motivation related to economic development and an interest in economics research. Some personal characteristics, such as diligence, autonomy, and the ability to build productive interpersonal relationships, are also important. Knowledge of Portuguese is required, but fluency (although welcome) is not required.

Your profile:
• Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management, Finance, or related fields.
• Master’s degree in Economics, Management, or Finance is preferred.
• Ability to work independently.
• Working knowledge of Portuguese.

Compensation: The original internship contract will last up to 6 months. Internships are unpaid, although travel, accommodation, health, and basic living expenses are covered.

If you are interested, please send an email to by January 30th with the subject “Application for Internship 2023“, including  your curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation that explains why you would like to join this Research Internship program.