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A talk with Pedro Vicente

On January 21th, 2017, Pedro Vicente gave an interview to the RDP Africa program “Cientificamente”. Pedro discussed several topics related to economic development in Portuguese-speaking African... Read More

A talk with Sylvie Lambert

On February 1st, 2017, Sylvie Lambert gave a talk in NOVAFRICA Seminar Series. Her seminar was entitled “Interpersonal Inequality, Intrahousehold inequalities and Poverty in Senegal”. After... Read More


2019 NOVAFRICA PhD Workshops

There will be three different workshops: Agriculture, Technology Adoption, and Social Networks Migration and Development Political Economy and Development The workshops will take place before the... Read More

NOVAFRICA is hiring!

NOVAFRICA is looking to hire a postdoctoral fellow to work on research projects related to international migration and economic development. See here for more information:... Read More