Let’s Call! Using the Phone to Increase Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccines

Alex Armand

Nova School of Business and Economics, CEPR, Institute for Fiscal Studies and NOVAFRICA

Mattia Fracchia

Nova School of Business and Economics and NOVAFRICA

Pedro C. Vicente

Nova School of Business and Economics, NOVAFRICA, and BREAD

ISSN 2183-0843
Working Paper No 2113
October 2021


Vaccinating against COVID-19 is the main hope to end the current pandemic. We develop and test experimentally three phone-based cumulative interventions to increase COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in Mozambique. First, the provision of a simple positive message informing about these vaccines. Second, the activation of social memory on the country’s success in eradicating wild polio. Finally, the inoculation against fake news by developing among participants a critical view towards misleading information. We find that the combination of the three interventions increases COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and trust in institutions.

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