NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks
Season 5

Listen here to the fith series of the “NOVAFRICA Sustainable Development Talks” Podcast.

This series of audio talks about development in Africa brings together experts from a wide range of institutions. NOVAFRICA Student Group hosted the podcast, which was produced at Fidelidade Creative Studio.

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Season 5

#Episode 1: “The Incentives to (Not) Debate in Low Information Races”, with Katherine Casey (Stanford University).

#Episode 2: “How Are Gender Norms Perceived?”, with Leonardo Bursztyn (University of Chicago).

#Episode 3: “Do Gender-Neutral Job Ads Promote Diversity? Experimental Evidence from Latin America’s Tech Sector”, with Lucia del Carpio (INSEAD).

#Episode 4: “Liquidity constraints and capital allocation in Uganda”, with Konrad Burchardi (Stockholm School of Economics).

#Episode 5: “Empowering Adolescents to Transform Schools: Lessons from a Behavioural Targeting”, with Sule Alan (European University Institute).