Behavioral Economics to Prevent Corruption in International Trade

Project Info

Principal Investigators

Matilde Grácio
Pedro C. Vicente
Sandra Sequeira


World Bank | Government of Guinea-Bissau | Private Sector Rehabilitation and Agri-Business Development Project

About this Project

The development of the international trade sector is key to the improvement of the business environment of Guinea Bissau. Hence, in the purview of the Plano Estratégico da Alfândega da Guiné Bissau, there have been several projects developed on the simplification and modernization of customs agencies. Several of these projects have been implemented and supported by the Government of Guinea Bissau and the World Bank through the Projecto de Reabilitação do Sector Privado e Desenvolvimento Agrícola (PRSPDA). The contributions made so far have shown considerable efforts in designing and constructing simplified procedures and instruments, for the customs agencies. Such as, for example, the introduction and improvement of the electronic platform SYDONIA++.These instruments, even though crucial for the functioning of the import and export process in Guinea Bissau, are not being used at their maximum potential. This is due to hurdles that are set up by the different entities, public and private, that operate on the import – export sector. Therefore, the purpose of this technical assistance, required by PRSPDA, is to identify methods of behavioural economics, that aim at establishing a connection between the simplified procedure instruments that have been developed, and the interests of the public and private agents that operate with them.

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