2016 NOVAFRICA Conference on Economic Development in Africa

On the 14th and 15th of July, NOVAFRICA held a conference on innovations and challenges of economic development in Africa.

The conference, in which renowned researchers from international universities participated, reported on current initiatives and research projects in development economics, as well as hosted a policy roundtable with representatives from the Portuguese government, the private sector, and international institutions.

The keynotes speeches were given by Stefan Dercon from Oxford University, David McKenzie from the World Bank, and Edward Miguel from the University of California – Berkeley.

Please find more information about the conference, its participants and program here.

Prior to the conference, NOVAFRICA held its first workshop for junior researchers on Migration and Development on the 13th of July. During the workshop participants presented research projects related to the link between migration and development, and had the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and expert speakers. The invited guest speakers are Marta Bronzin from the International Organization for Migration, David McKenzie from the World Bank, and Catia Batista from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Please find more information about the workshop, its participants and program here.