Leadership and Management in Sub-Saharan Africa: Research Streams and Possible Directions

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Principal Investigators

Joana S. P. Story
Nuno Guimarães-Costa
Miguel Pina e Cunha



About this Project


There is great need to understand leadership and management in Africa. After we learn more about African leaders and managers, we can then translate that knowledge to the larger leadership and management literatures. In this way we can create a more indigenous theory that can also be applied and validated in the western world.

Scholarship on leadership and management in Sub-Saharan Africa is scarce and fragmented. We organized the existing literature around three different research streams: functional (how to do business in Africa from a Western perspective), cultural (what makes African leadership/management different), and critical (how to eliminate colonial thinking). We discussed each of these three different perspectives by illustrating the key ideas, the key theories, the methods, and the main focus of articles. Based on this discussion and illustration, we developed a model that describes the “evolution” of how leadership and management have been depicted in Africa and analyzed opportunities for future research.

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